Spine is a team-based combat game that promises lots of action and even more cinematic style


So there was a multiplayer team-based title unveiled during this year’s Gamescom. It’s called Spine and, we’re going to be perfectly honest, there is not a lot of information about this one except that it’s a thing that is in development and it will be extremely cyberfuture and cinematic and ostentatious. At least if the reveal trailer and details on the game’s Steam page are anything to go by. Seriously, the outline of the game reads like the world’s most excitable elevator pitch:

“Every fight in Spine is a combination of breathtaking scenes where you become a hero beating up some bad guys. Feel the tension of each in-game moment thanks to the unique camera-work. We have exceptional cinematographic experience you’ll find nowhere else in the multiplayer games.”

Gameplay will apparently feature some gun-fu and melee weapon combat, with players choosing one of two sides and duking it out in arenas based on iconic action films. There’s plenty of panache to be had in terms of the game’s fighting, which promises dual pistols, katanas blocking bullets, and wall running, all while the game’s camera “will show the precision and grace of [player] actions in the best way possible.”

Spine is being developed by Russia-based Banzai Games, the studio responsible for the Shadow Fight series of mobile fighting games and the Cascadeur animation engine which is now in early access because even dev tools can’t escape the early access whirlpool. Beyond that, we don’t have a lot to go on — not even a release window or testing window — but there is an extremely bombastic reveal trailer below. Just have your barf bags ready because there is a lot of unsteadycam and snorricam going on.

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