Pixel sandbox MMO RPG MO celebrates ninth birthday with a big ol’ patch


It’s been way too long since we checked in on RPG MO – 2016, in fact – so we’re going to rectify that today, as the game turned nine in July. It’s an open-world sandbox in the isometric pixel style aimed at adults, with 44 maps, 800 monster types, 50 bosses, gobs of skills, crafting, a player economy, party dungeoning, a PvP map, farming, and pet breeding – and notably, it’s a fully free-to-play title for browser and mobile.

While the anniversary festivities have now ended, the July patch is pretty granular, with changes to mushroom farming, skill bonuses gained from other players, new deco, boost items, and the UI.

One neat feature of the game I bumped into while digging around is the spectate mode, which allows you to watch what existing players are doing. The random high-level player I picked to spy on was tending his farm – a person after my own heart.

As I type this (definitely not in primetime), the game has 281 players in game and is pulling in $444 a month on Patreon – not too shabby for an older indie title.


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I had tried this sometime ago, its not bad at all for a secondary game and is mostly sandboxy


I was that farmer at 3am on the night shift, working a horrible call center job, waiting on 7am. Good times.