Final Fantasy XIV shows you how to make its 8-year anniversary cake in painstaking detail

Now you know exactly how to make something that you're not going to bake!


As part of the celebration for Final Fantasy XIV’s eight-year celebration, celebrity baker Kim-Joy took the time to create an elaborate cake including cactuars, fat chocobos, spriggans, and even an appropriate moogle topper. It’s quite the epic-looking cake. But if you want a slice of that cake, you’d be sadly out of luck… unless you’re in the mood for spending several hours on a very elaborate recipe to make your own FFXIV anniversary cake.

Yes, the recipe is all there, telling you just how to take the ingredients and make your very own amazing lemon cake (there’s even a vegan variant for those of you who prefer such). The down side, of course, is that this is a very elaborate recipe in which you will carefully be sculpting edible decorations from top to bottom, so it isn’t exactly something for the weekend cake enthusiast. Still, it’s nice to know exactly how to make that delicious-looking cake you’re not actually going to craft.


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Goodness, she’s trippy to watch. o.O

…and /kupo! <3


I was wondering where I’d seen her before….GBBO 2018.

EDIT: she’s English Malaysian, but I have to believe there are at least some bird genes in there. :)