PlanetSide 2 kicks off the Summer Fun 2021 event for PlayStation 4 players


PlayStation 4 players of PlanetSide 2 who may have been looking on jealously at PC players of the multiplayer shooter as they had neon colored fun with squirt guns and water balloons now have the Summer Fun 2021 event is live on the platform. Yes, it’s a bit late. Yes, it’s summertime in September. Just roll with it.

Just like the PC version’s update, the Summer Fun event brings back squirt gun-centric directives for unique cosmetic rewards by using the freely provided Soldier Squirter sidearms and faciton-specific water balloons. Also like the PC version, players can hit the in-game store for a water balloon launcher in a variety of toy gun colors. All of the water gun fun runs between now and Monday, September 20th.


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