Bless Unleashed PC adjusts blessings for character classes and continues to swing its banhammer


Blessings upon you, classes of the PC version of Bless Unleashed! May your blessings be unleashed upon the appropriate foes! May they add beneficial stacks to your DPS or healing! Lo, Round 8 Studio descends with many changes to those blessings, granting most classes with the glory of a good buffing, like increased effect durations, increased damage, or more stacks for things! There are also bug fixes, UI adjustments, and a mighty nerfing to the Ring of the Whispering Serpent God! And it was good! Probably!

But look! Round 8 giveth and Round 8 taketh away! Specifically, the ability for certain players to even play the MMORPG as they have been smitten by the banhammer for illegal program use. Let these foolish souls dashed upon the rocks be a lesson to not break the Terms of Service, for the devs shall know, and they shall act!

source: Steam (1, 2)
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