Warframe’s latest update adds the Prime version of Nidus and brings back Operation: Plague Star


Has it already been a week since we were all alerted to the arrival of Warframe’s latest update? My how time does fly. Sure enough, the newest content patch for the space ninja multiplayer shooter has come online, bringing Nidus Prime and the returning Operation: Plague Star.

As mentioned before, this update is made up of two major parts: Nidus Prime, the game’s 33rd Prime ‘Frame with all of his spooky plague-bearing powers, and the return of Operation: Plague Star, with the uniquely gruesome Ghoulsaw weapon. Basically, there’s plenty of brutality to be had in the game’s latest update, and it’s available for every platform Warframe is on, whether it’s PCs or consoles. As for Nidus Prime, there’s a new video showcasing him in action after the break.

source: press release
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