Crowfall lays out roadmap, addresses newbie zones and requests for auction halls


If you were worried about the state of Crowfall following the layoffs early this month, you can at least be comforted by the fact that ArtCraft is still putting out ACE Q&A videos. The latest features ArtCraft Executive Producer Gordon Walton and Design Director Thomas Blair.

The duo begin by discussing the milestone update and performance upgrades, and past the giveaways they dive into the Global Conquest campaign experiment, alliance scoring, hot zones, rollover XP, guild sizes, and still more performance optimization. “We’re trying to focus on the stuff that matters most to you first based on the feedback that we’re getting,” Walton says while offering up a series of roadmaps, promising a more “verbose” roadmap in the future, which again suggests the game isn’t in immediate danger.

Blair does address a question about the new player areas like God’s Reach; he says there are no plans to spend too much time fine-tuning zones like that when the goal of the game is to push players out of them and into the team-centric, PvP areas. He also discusses the age-old problem of guild and alliance sizes and admits that the devs are still leery of adding a full-scale auction hall system in favor of the traders/vendors and Eternal Kingdoms.

Source: YouTube
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