PSA: Lord of the Rings Online’s current legendary items will be ‘frozen’ next week


This coming Wednesday, October 13th, is a pretty important date for Lord of the Rings Online players, as that’s when the legendary item revamp is set to arrive, but there is an important point to note that might have slipped your notice in the previous dev blog or if you don’t visit the game’s PTS forums: Existing LI’s will be “frozen,” as described by one of the devs of SSG.

“You’ll be able to keep using them on your character as before, but you won’t be able to continue advancing or tweaking them,” explains the post. “So if there’s anything you want to do, you’ll wanna do it before we bring the servers down for the update on Wednesday.” As for what “tweaking” means, another reply clarifies that this means advancing a legendary item’s levels via applying the appropriate star-lits, SoE, and iXP will not be possible and old LIs will be set “as-is.”

This does fall in line with the final paragraph of the dev blog from the beginning of this month, which states that old LIs will not be able to be updated as well as reforged once 30.3 arrives. So consider this post your friendly reminder.

source: official forums, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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