Elyon delays pre-download and character creation, says launch and headstart are ‘on course’


Elyon surprised everyone last month when it diverted from its September launch to an October 20th launch, with a change-up for its business model and a planned headstart, buyable with preorder packages. Now it’s changing some of its plans again, though not by choice.

Kakao and Krafton say that the headstart and launch are “still currently on course” for the 17th and 20th, respectively. But the pre-download and character creation plans are changing as they’ve “hit a bit of a snag.”

“This is not a game issue but rather a backend platform issue we identified during some final QA,” the studios write. “We’ve been working over the weekend to resolve this quickly and submit the fixed build to steam for final approval. Our expectation is roughly a 48-hour delay. Yes, this could change, but that’s what we are aiming for.”

Source: Twitter
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