Aliens Fireteam Elite is already struggling, but you probably guessed that


You’d be forgiven if you’ve already forgotten about Aliens Fireteam Elite, so let’s recap: It’s an Aliens franchise title by former Cryptic devs at Cold Iron Studios that started out as an MMOFPS but was downgraded into a squad-centric co-op third-person shooter as the studio was bought and sold repeatedly until it was acquired by Daybreak, a sale that apparently didn’t end up going through, though EG7, Daybreak, and Cold Iron never acknowledged it, but that’s a separate issue from our topic today.

Anyhow, Kotaku noticed that Aliens has been plunging in popularity on Steam. It saw a peak player count just under 16,000 people when it launched in August, and that’s fallen to a peak count of 3,849 in the last month. Kotaku’s piece cites 792 players online when that piece was written, but again, Steamcharts shows an average of 1200 players in the last month, down from 10,000. Those percentage drops aren’t entirely unusual for an online title, particularly a title still charging 40 bucks for entry. But they’re still not ideal, nor do they bode all that well for future content, which is a shame since the game has some decent Steam reviews. In fact, the negative reviews largely center on the lack of players, quickplay issues, and necessity of playing with AI.

For all that, we’ve actually given the game a playthrough courtesy of MOP’s own Stream Team, and it’s not even half bad. But as we all know, quality isn’t necessarily a factor in popularity, and as Kotaku notes, those players the game did have seem to have bailed for Back 4 Blood.


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I enjoyed it for what it was. I played 2 of the classes to max level, but after that it’s just about replaying the exact same content on harder difficulty without any tangible rewards other than achievements. I didn’t find that super compelling and it sounds like most other players didn’t either.

IronSalamander8 .

I skipped this one but I had thought it was doing better than this as I heard mostly somewhat positive opinions on it. I prefer first over third person most of the time (barring the 3 PvZ shooters) and also enjoy co-op shooters, but am indifferent to the Alien/Aliens IP so haven’t had a reason to pick it up.

Back 4 Blood is getting heavily mixed reviews and watching it, it is largely a downgrade to the L4D series, although the card system sounds interesting. So far the monetization isn’t terrible, but that could change, and I have so many other games to play, including the 2 L4D games. The PvP mode in B4B is widely panned which is sad as versus mode in L4D/L4D2 was a lot of fun. I may pick it up, but only if friends pick it up as the bots are apparently awful, and randos in these game can be a nightmare.

Randall Kilgore Jr.

A legacy IP is no longer enough to have a successful game. I really enjoyed Fireteam Elite playing with friends, but it was a quick campaign with the standard “okay, now do it again but harder” gameplay, and that’s not enough to keep anyone but the most hard-core few. We are die hard Alien fans, but we experienced the game and there’s no hook to keep players interested beyond the story. The game doesn’t really have a hook at all, so there wasn’t a reason to continue playing.
Hopefully they broke even on initial sales, because unless they can pump out some additional content expansions it’s all down hill from here.


I watched a stream worth of it being played, and it was just hold W and hold firing button pretty much. There wasn’t really anything innovative from what I saw. No wonder it’s not doing well.

Dug From The Earth

Its a fun game

However, it lacks content.

Needs more missions, and needs more end game modes. 1 Horde map is all there is. They could have at least done several horde maps.


Really unfortunate timing. This is totally a game I would have scooped up in the past but I’m basically lurching from one release to the next right now. Then by the time all that is over and I get a breather the pop will be dead and I’ll just never pick it up.

Makes me curious what’s going to happen in Feb 2022. There are soooooo many games releasing in that time frame now can’t imagine what it’ll be like or what will end up skipped.

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Schlag Sweetleaf



Third person, and only 3 player co-op, that’s going to be a pass from me. Sorry.