Multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn has officially launched on Xbox


As promised, eight-year-old multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn officially expanded its wings over the weekend, launching on Xbox in a “definitive edition” that includes all of the game’s DLC bundled together for $54.99.

“Enter a dark fantasy world where humanity is fighting for survival in this epic bundle that includes Grim Dawn and two sprawling expansions. Combine two of nine unique classes to create a custom character that suits your play style. Loot thousands of items and take on hundreds of quests with meaningful choices and consequences as you explore a vast world filled with countless foes and endless dungeons. Ally yourself with numerous factions battling for survival and fight to become the bane of your enemies as you face off against their most powerful agents in this ARPG adventure.”

If you’re curious about how this game plays, stay tuned as MOP’s own Chris will be taking it for a spin on PC in this week’s Choose My Adventure column.

Source: Press release, Xbox
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