Embers Adrift discusses the MMORPG’s vision, announces a new trailer and gameplay preview for January

But this is totally going to work out, yeah.

Embers Adrift, formerly the sandbox MMORPG Saga of Lucimia, is basically being forced to reintroduce itself following the departure of the game’s founders earlier this year. That’s effectively the goal of a new developer roundtable video called Around the Emberring.

The video features executive producer John Gust, lead game designer Robert Thomson, and content developer Johnathan Zink as they talk about what Embers Adrift is hoping to become and what it wants to offer MMORPG fans. Gust points out that the game is PvE-minded, group-centered, and focused on exploration and immersion in an attempt to capture tabletop RPGs in terms of atmosphere and pacing. “We’re really asking you to get to know the world and get to know the NPCs in the world, and go out there and find and discover things,” Gust says in the video.

Ultimately, the hope is to grant new players an opportunity to build new connections and memories that are unique to previous sandbox MMORPGs according to Thomson. “One of the things that we’re trying to do is, not only appeal to those classic MMO players, but also there’s a whole generation of gamers that probably haven’t been exposed to those types of feelings,” he says. “That’s been a really important design philosophy for me is to try and bring others in and allow them to experience what we hold so dear in our classic MMO experiences.”

The video closes with some announcements, starting with a new trailer showcasing the game on January 1st, followed by a livestream with ElloaWendy on January 2nd featuring some live gameplay with members of the dev team. Future episodes of Around the Emberring will be arriving on a monthly basis, but you can check out the first episode below.

source: YouTube
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