Wizardry Online makes a comeback as a rogue server


Those with good memories and perhaps a bit of personal experience might remember that for a hot minute back in 2013 and 2014, SOE published a unique MMO called Wizardry Online (which lasted a little longer in Japan, which had a fondness for the franchise). This was a brutally hardcore dungeon crawler that featured, among other things, permadeath. For some reason, it never broke into the mainstream. Go figure.

Anyway, there are some diehard fans that have been attempting to resurrect the game as a rogue server called Wizardry Online Private Server. This may have arisen from a data dump in 2019 with all of the game files on Reddit.

The team is working with the Japanese client, which was the most recent version of the game before its shutdown. Currently there is a test server that only features the ability to wander around towns and dungeons without any combat or most NPCs and mobs. There are instructions on the Discord to join up with the test server if you want to see the current state of the project.

“To be clear our goal is to preserve this game, and give the most accurate, faithful, and authentic feel possible. The current aim is to make the server available to everyone and anyone. The server is open source and will stay that way,” the volunteer team said on the site. “We are working as much as we can to get this game back to a playable state. Just know that we are trying our best to get the game back and will continue until we do.”

Source: Wizardry Online Private Server, Discord. Thanks DeLancey!
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