Plunder Panic is a 6v6 action arcade title where 2-D pirates fight over different objectives


There are two things that immediately caught my interest when I saw the multiplayer arcade title of Plunder Panic cross our news desk: one, the 2-D retro style; and two, the fact that it unashamedly used the pun “modify-arrs” to describe some of its gameplay beats. What can I say, I’m a simple creature sometimes.

Back on topic: Plunder Panic describes itself as an action arcade game where two teams of up to six fight to complete objectives like scuttling the enemy ship, defeating the rival crew’s captain, or plundering booty. The game offers both online and local play, and promises multiple play modes, unique power-ups, and the aforementioned “game changing modify-arrs” that look to shake up every match, all done up in a charming retro 2-D style with simple controls and fast-paced gameplay.

Plunder Panic is currently in Steam early access, with its most recent update introducing an online matchmaking system, a new map, and a chat feature that replaces swear words with more piratical terms. A full release is expected for sometime in February 2022 on PC as well as all current consoles. Buying into early access will set you back $10 normally, but the Steam version of the game is currently at a 25% discount for those who are curious.

source: Steam
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