Elder Scrolls Online plans big combat changes for Update 33


Players thrilled with the announcement of this summer’s High Isle expansion for Elder Scrolls Online are paying closer attention to the development of ZeniMax’s MMO these days. That scrutiny reveals a big set of combat changes that are coming ahead of the chapter alongside the new Ascending Tide DLC in this spring’s Update 33.

In short, ZOS is aiming to promote more combat diversity and hybrid builds by increasing both the cost and effective power of abilities. Additionally, the studio is dual sourcing buffs on abilities and item sets and tweaking certain underperforming skills.

“In Update 33, the changes are focused on making almost every player ability in the game scale dynamically with your highest offensive stats when applicable,” ZeniMax said. “Similar to what we’ve worked on with passives and item sets, we want to ensure you feel empowered to pick an ability or weapon based on the gameplay mechanics and expression they offer you first and foremost, with fewer restrictions.”

And if you’re snarfing up everything on High Isle, we’ll point you to the following videos with the developers and let you gorge:

Source: Elder Scrolls Online. Thanks Yrys!
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