Check out LOTRO’s new housing, zone, and reward track coming soon


It’s not a full-fledged expansion, but Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 32 is shaping up to be a meaty content drop indeed. As the patch goes through the test cycle, fans of the MMO have delved deep into its wonders and delivered previews of the keystone features.

LOTRO housing site Deco du Millieu took a tour of the new Erebor housing neighborhood and pulled out several details to help players figure out if this is worth the money. This preview included a look at sky and weather options, placeable walls (a first for the game), and additional wall and floor surfaces.

That’s not it for previews, either. YouTuber Louey7 has a look at the long-awaited legendary item reward track:

And YouTuber Andang presents an overview of Update 32’s Angle of Mitheithel zone:

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