Kritika:REBOOT is shutting down on February 16


Punched out.

Kritika Online originally was brought over by En Masse Entertainment and lasted for about a year and a half before being shut down by that company. Fortunately for fans of the game, Kritika:REBOOT emerged that same year as a resurrection of the game from publisher and developer ALLM. Now, unfortunately, it appears that this resurrection has also gone the way of all flesh, as an announcement on the game’s Steam page notes that it is slated for a full shutdown on February 16th. Cash shop purchases have already been disabled.

The announcement appears to have been machine translated, but the gist of the message appears to be simply that it was difficult to maintain an appropriate level of quality in the game despite the best efforts of team members. There have been no shutdown events or compensation announced, so it looks like this is the final knockout for the title this time. Our condolences to staff and fans alike.

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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