Kritika Online returns in the west as Kritika:REBOOT today with some big changes


It’s a happy week for western fans of Kritika Online as the game has landed once again on our shores. Publisher En Masse closed the action MMO down earlier this year, but a few weeks back the original developer, ALLM, announced it was bringing the game back under its own banner. And as of today, it’s officially live on Steam as a free-to-play title – Steam says it launches today at 4 p.m. EST, though preloading is live now.

“Kritika:REBOOT is a hyper-stylized, fast-paced, action brawler game. You work together as a team to aggressively clear compact instanced dungeons quickly and efficiently. The faster you clear the dungeon, the better your loot at the end. This is an amazing game for those who pride themselves on their combat ability. It does not only provides quick action but it also provides all the depth of an MMO game.”

ALLM does note that players who’d played the game before may need to clean up their old patcher files to make this process go smoothly. Definitely check out Facebook too, as the developers have been outlining some of the changes they’ve made, including the new UI, new class, and new drops.[0]=68.ARDb4mlpesKxIK0lFII55eKyWXwuTf57kgZaOumyq__X6rMGEI3SWc05KQvBioGMpZO02KAf2PaJT-TU8FFpi3XL5SVudxQyGiXhS2Old9yrvHwKU7R2bdcPmh6IOfgKdS_r2-S1iyAhIrp3kR01Igu–v6LwZyPxDxtu6HzeMCAXAURyFp7MF_uHUnu_aeZ4QvQEERMV7Z4TFCloJWewIsgbPv6otPxtMT6spQgV7ZFD6g-gWycIwC-v12z1iOx2YuXAGwRCQOXMIoHYK-jwNR8ruULvkBbFjmqCTj5rzhoKyZAZ9XI_rQsyCmczJvo7fjahK6fW86VGrt9f91BXBRpF8wR-aPs86M&__tn__=-R

Source: Steam. Thanks, Frosty!
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