RuneScape kicks off a Slayer-boosting event and details a Valentine’s-themed Treasure Hunter


The start of the week in RuneScape means the usual weekly newsletter full of update details. At the top of the list is a War’s Reckoning event that’s all about getting Slayers to top levels in order to participate in the upcoming Shadows Over Senntisten content. Slayers can look forward to safe deaths, double Slayer and Reaper points, increased luck in the rare drop table, and an extra 50% XP from completing Slayer tasks between now and February 28th.

For those who aren’t interested in Slayer things, this week also sees a Valentine’s Day theme arrive to the Treasure Hunter minigame, where players can find appropriately themed cosmetic items, titles, emotes, and a tradable version of the Sceptre of Enchantment from 2016 among other goodies. This event runs between February 10th and February 14th.

Finally, there’s another Double XP Live event starting on February 18th, more Prime Gaming drops on deck, and another round of various adjustments and fixes outlined in this week’s patch notes.

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