Elite Dangerous once again delays Update 11’s release into next week, confirms functional chairs


If you’ve been eager to see the inside of your Fleet Carrier in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s Update 11, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. Frontier Developments has announced that the latest patch is going to have to be delayed into next week, the second such time it’s been pushed back.

According to the announcement, some bugs were discovered during some final checks of the update, which is why the devs will be holding back on the update for the time being. Followers of the game on Twitter likely already saw this coming, as a tweet from this past Monday alluded to the potential for Update 11’s delay.

While the forum doesn’t have any release notes to speak of yet, the post confirming the date shift does reveal in an image that chairs will be functional, so at long last Commanders can park their keisters on something other than a pilot’s seat. For now, perhaps you can slide through the announcement’s replies for some excellent chair-related punning.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official forums
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