SWG Legends tours its new Bespin apartments, SWG Empire in Flames adds new playable races


It’s time to check the news out of the emulator servers for Star Wars Galaxies! We start first with the biggie, Legends, which granted players a closer look at the Bespin apartments feature that was introduced for the emu’s sixth anniversary. The post offers a look at several different types of apartments, how players can get one of their own, and other details that one might need if they wish to live in Cloud City.

Meanwhile, the Empire in Flames server put out an update last week that introduces playable Akarian and Echani races, along with face markings for Dathomiri witches, visual upgrades for the Chiss, and some new canon style Chiss eyes, which can be downloaded as a separate mod for those who want the option. The patch further brings integration of the SWGEmu AI code into EiF and a small list of general fixes and updates.

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