Old School RuneScape Guardians of the Rift bug necessitates server rollback


Care to play a minigame? If you’re a Runecrafter in Old School RuneScape, you very likely have been for a while as the devs at Jagex have been talking up the Guardians of the Rift minigame area designed to help Runecrafters skill up. At long last, that update is live this week – though it’s not without casualties.

The minigame starts with the Temple of the Eye quest that takes players to a skilling location, where they’re tasked with powering up guardians and defending them as they close abyssal rifts. A number of the mechanics involved in this minigame have seen some refinement, all of which have been outlined in the update notes.

Unfortunately, OSRS suffered a rollback this morning following the patch as Jagex realized untradeable items were bugged.

In other RuneScape news, Jagex is talking up improved account security features for both RS and OSRS like stronger password systems, an improved support center, and the open beta release of a dedicated launcher that promises improvements like the option to remember account details and a “seamless, secure experience on desktop.”

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