Legends of Aria sports a new site extolling its new blockchain nature

Bad Bad Bad Bad

Remember when Legends of Aria was just an indie MMORPG based on allowing player-run servers instead of being involved with a dubious-at-best moneymaking scheme? Good times. However, the new owners of the game are definitely putting money into making the game look appealing, providing the game with a brand-new website advertising all of the features the game has while proudly proclaiming that it’s taking play-to-earn to new heights.

Whether or not that promise is actually a heartening thing will probably depend on whether or not you have bought in to the promised financial returns that this retooling will supposedly offer.

For those of you who have forgotten, Legends of Aria was bought out by a company called Blue Monster Games who proudly insists that the game will be built up to a fully 3D game engine while retaining the same basic functionality, while also bringing in a whole lot of blockchain implementation to ensure that you can monetize whatever you do in the game. It would be remiss of us not to point out that this is coming on the heels of a particularly high-profile case regarding another pay-to-earn game, so you might want to keep that in mind. We’ve written at length about the problems with NFT and play-to-earn games and why people should probably not be putting any money into them. (We should also note that people who still want to play the non-blockchain version of the game, Legends of Aria Classic, are still quite active.)

Readers will recall that Citadel Studios and Blue Monster Games announced that Blue Monster had purchased Citadel, Legends of Aria, and the Shards Engine back in December of last year. As of February, however, it was the CEO of Reaper Games who was addressing the community; we surmised Blue Monster had morphed into the new company as that CEO’s own Linkedin page lists him as Founder and CEO of Reaper Games and Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Monster Games. Apparently not; Reaper Games informed us today that “the acquisition by Blue Monster Games did not go through” and that Citadel “is now in the process of being acquired by another blockchain gaming firm (Reaper Games).”
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