SWTOR lays out April’s galactic season objectives and in-game events


A Jedi’s work is never done — and neither is a Sith’s. Even with February’s expansion in the rear-view mirror at this point, Star Wars: The Old Republic is chugging along with its second Galactic Season. BioWare is attempting to make good on its promise to communicate the coming month’s daily and weekly seasonal objectives, and so we now get a list of what’s coming for the rest of the month.

On top of that, there are two in-game events powering up this spring month. the Rakghoul Resurgence on Alderaan is currently running through April 12th, followed by the Relics of the Gree event from April 19th through the 26th.

“Explore Ilum’s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, an enormous ancient Gree starship. Get ready to face a powerful opponent that awaits you at the center of this ancient vessel,” BioWare said.

Source: SWTOR, 2
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