PAX East vendor reports COVID-19 exposures from the event despite masking and vax requirements


If you were concerned about PAX East 2022 being an in-person event in spite of the ongoing COVID pandemic, your caution may have been for the best: Pandemonium Books & Games, a tabletop gaming store out of Cambridge, MA, has announced on its COVID tracker page at least three of its representatives who were at the convention center had later tested positive for the virus.

Three employees and customers were confirmed positive for COVID on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the week of the event, where Pandemonium Games had a booth at the convention. Those who may have been exposed to the virus are being referred to a CDC website for information about quarantining and other steps.

This exposure to the virus despite attendees requiring vaccination proof and masking is sadly not uncommon, as this year’s GDC event ended up spreading the virus despite its own controls. Meanwhile, CCP Games’ EVE Fanfest continues to rumble forward with its in-person event plans in Reykjavik, Iceland. To that point, we once again urge everyone to be safe and protect yourselves as best as possible.

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