Mortal Online 2’s housing system enjoys a renovation

Plus a huge PvP battle!


You may not think of Mortal Online 2 when you’re considering MMO housing, but in fact the PvP title offers many spacious dwellings in which to inhabit before they are plundered and burned.

And it’s this housing system that got a renovation with Patch Players now can enjoy expanded housing item limits, use passwords to keep unwanted visitors at bay, and use chests to store goodies. “Anyone who knows the password to the house may add or remove items from these chests,” the team said.

The patch included a flagging system in which guards will attack on sight players who have recently gone to war with others. The team also removed the heat system, as it was “unintentionally affecting stamina costs.”

And to give you an idea of what Mortal Online 2 is capable of in the PvP field, here’s a recent video of two large guilds clashing with each other on the field of open battle:

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