Embers Adrift is disappointed that players couldn’t break its servers


Well, this may be a first: an MMO studio that’s actually a bit bummed out that players couldn’t bust its servers upon command. In this case, it’s the in-development Embers Adrift, which had hoped a stress test would’ve shown the critical flaws in the architecture. But don’t worry, another similar test is planned.

“The World Breaker event was a huge success, however we did not break the world,” the studio said in its April state of the game report. “There was some minor initial client-side lag experienced while clients rendered in a large number of players, but the servers held up very well with no breaks or interruptions; a testament to our networking stack.”

The former Saga of Lucimia title showed off its newest creature — a war gecko, it appears — and talked about other projects that the team’s been fashioning. These initiatives include a notification system, environmental features, upgraded crafting, and better ability to use ground torches to “combat the darkness” in dimly lit areas.

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