PlanetSide 2 adjusts its main navigation menu, tweaks weapons, and seeks feedback from Connery server players


For PC players of PlanetSide 2, there’s some new menu navigation experiences available. Yes, an update menu is at the heart of the latest patch. That’s not exactly a face melting sort of feature, but we do get to see the devs refer to a UI element as a “hamburger menu,” so that’s fun.

This new main navigation menu features a more modern look to better display currencies, directive score, houses boosts, and more.In addition, there’s now an in-game codex that provides wiki-style information about all of the terms, mechanics, and lore players could want without having to open a pesky browser window outside of the game. The patch further makes several changes to the overheat penalties of several VS directive weapons, standardizes the effects of explosive ammo, and makes some general fixes.

On top of the latest PC patch, the devs at Rogue Planet have made some network infrastructure changes to the Connery US West server and are seeking player feedback. For players on that server who have opinions (and considering the server has its own angry subreddit, they likely do), they can be heard on Reddit or the game’s official forums.

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