Neverwinter breaks down the mechanics and features of its upcoming Dragonslayer module


While Neverwinter fans know that the Dragonslayer module is bringing dragon lair delves and dragon hunting to all platforms on June 14th, those fans may still wonder just exactly how that all works from a gameplay and mechanics standpoint. Luckily, there’s a dev blog for that.

The post offers up a close look at the entire module’s content, outlining how players queue up for a dragon hunt, hinting at the five distinct biomes that dragon lairs are found in, and showcasing the application of hunt modifiers that ramp up both encounter challenge and rewards. The post also talks about how dragons in general have seen updates in terms of both visuals and mechanics to make them “mobile, dynamic, and intelligent threats.”

In addition to the dragon hunter queue, the new module will introduce an associated Dragonslayer campaign, which advances through both dragon hunts and the collection of Elemental Strands from adventure zones and queues to let players upgrade hunt modifiers and unlock new gear. All of the dragon stabbing fun arrives mid-June, but players can get an overview of the module today.

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