Path of Exile pushes out balance update, pay-to-swole cosmetics


I’m gonna be honest: I thought Path of Exile’s tweet about switching from pay-to-glow to pay-to-swole was just a joke. But it turns out this is a real thing: Grinding Gear Games added a “Maroider Body Armour” cosmetic to the cash shop that when applied ensures “your muscular physique scales with your strength.” Yes, we spent several minutes in work chat this morning discussing games that have cosmetics like this or have even promised character appearance changes based on changing stats. Turns out… there aren’t many.

In less goofy news, GGG did push out 3.18.0b late last night, specifically patching in the Archnemesis Modifiers balance changes it’s been promising. “Please note that this is not our final set of changes and we have further improvements planned,” the team says to Sentinel players.

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