Black Desert Mobile adds Striker’s Yacha awakening, Black Desert PC unleashes a new dream horse

This week brings goodies for fans of the Black Desert franchise. Let’s start with Black Desert Mobile, where the Yacha is officially live. Yacha is the Striker awakening class and “the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield” with “control over the physical manifestation of its energy called the Echo Spirit.”

“The new class Yacha will have access to 4 active skills upon creation, starting with the Spirit Burst skill which will allow the new class to embrace their carnal rage and charge forward to eviscerate their enemies. The Eagle Drop skill will enable him to leap forward and perform a heavy kick into the ground together with the Echo Spirit. The Collapsing Sweep skill will debilitate the enemy by sweeping the ground out from under them together with the spirit. Finally, the Lights Out skill will allow Yacha to hurl a gargantuan punch together with the Spirit.”

Meanwhile, over in Black Desert PC, Pearl Abyss has added a new Mythical Awakening dream horse dubbed the Mythical Diné (spoilers, it’s a glowing unicorn), plus a rash of class balance changes, item tweaks, the ability to revert Combatant’s Stone back into Narchillan gear, and UI adjustments.

Source: Press release, patch notes
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