Post-apoc multiplayer RPG Eden Falling joins the art NFT frenzy


Evidently, the devs at Razor Edge Games believe that joining in on the NFT nonsense is going to help them finish the post-apocalyptic multiplayer RPG Eden Falling. The game announced in March (and then repeated in May press release) that it has joined forces with the Epik Prime NFT platform to release art NFTs featuring dual-view holographics, full motion, and original artwork and music.

Not only are these NFTs a thing players can buy and collect and even display in their in-game houses, they also provide some in-game benefits like cosmetic upgrades and access to hidden locations. The devs stress that these benefits won’t enter pay-to-win territory, but they argue selling these NFTs is an avenue for Razor Edge to finish the game:

“These NFTs […] will grant us the freedom to create experiences for gamers by gamers, allowing us to finish creating the game that we have always endeavored to deliver – without having to compromise our quality, standards, or integrity.”

As mentioned earlier, the announcement of these NFTs was made back as early as March, but they are yet to appear in the Epik marketplace, and a recent tweet from the game just lauds their impending (and unspecified) arrival. Meanwhile, the game’s actual development has been focused on its recent visual overhaul, with a dev blog about how level design is affected by the change in March and a post about various bug fixes in April.

sources: press release,, Epik Prime marketplace, Twitter, Steam (1, 2)
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