Guild Wars 2 trolls are blocking others’ access to new legendary weapon skins… by causing events to succeed


Guild Wars 2 players are failing to succeed at failing because other players are trolling them by forcing them to succeed. Hang on, let’s start over.

The achievement to unlock the new Zhaitan variants of the generation 3 legendary weapons, released alongside the Sky Pirates patch earlier this week, requires players to defeat a specific boss of one of the meta events in Zhaitan’s domain of Orr. That’s not surprising, but what’s frustrating players is that the specific boss that the collection requires is only triggered when a specific event earlier in the chain fails. So of course trolls are showing up to cause that event to succeed, making everyone’s hard work for nothing and forcing them to wait several hours before the event spawns again for another chance.

The events in question can be completed by even a small number of players, so it’s entirely possible for one or two newbies to wander in, not pay attention to chat, and not realize that they’re ruining everyone’s fun by simply doing what you expect to do with events. That said, it does appear that there are also numerous players causing trouble on purpose.

Still other players are reporting that they downed the correct boss but didn’t receive their reward.

This isn’t even the first time this has happened; two of the generation 2 legendaries required this same boss, and caused similar frustrations upon their releases, though perhaps on a smaller scale since it was just one weapon type at a time instead of all 16. It seems ArenaNet failed to learn from its past failure of making failure a prerequisite for success.

Source: Reddit
Update – 3 p.m. EDT
They’re fixing it.

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