Star Wars Galaxies’ Legends rogue server brings back Empire day events – and Execute Order Fishy Fish


You guys, I’m excited about the arrival of this update in Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server, but it’s not because of the content: It’s because they always give out a huge stack of storyteller tokens that let me keep up my decor for weeks so I don’t have to redo it every morning.

However, everyone else in the world who plays SWGL is going to looking forward to the events themselves, as Empire Day (and its lower-key celebration for the heroes of the Alliance too) is sort of the event that coincides with Independence Day here in the US.

Players will head to Theed (for the Empire) or Coronet (for the Alliance) to carry out tasks for their chosen faction, rip down propaganda and put up their own, and hope for recognition from the leaders of their side. There are new badges and paintings on offer, along with new gear schematics, storyteller objects, and titles. Perhaps the best part of it is the fishing event this weekend dubbed Execute Order Fishy Fish, which deserves a medal for being the best-named MMO event of all time.

Today’s update includes a few extra texture upgrades and bug fixes for ranching and farming, including this one: “Farm/Ranch buildings will now allow players to move items inside the building down to the floor proper.” Yay!

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