EVE Online players robbed billions from interstellar banks this past May

So many bank robberies


It’s probably a bad idea for the regular citizenry of EVE Online to put their funds into banks, if the game’s May economic report is any indication. According to the figures offered, the last month saw billions ripped out of various banks, with one of the largest occurring in 4-HWWF, which saw someone come away with a take of 665M space buckaroos. A video from CCP Estimate shares a heat map of where robberies took place.

Meanwhile, the game is kicked off the third round of its Anger Games Proving Ground arena instances, with 2v2 corvette combat as the focus this coming Saturday, June 11th. The event was advertised by CCP Games as a great way for new pilots to get into the action of Proving Grounds, as corvettes are the first class of ship that players get into the cockpit of.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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