Black Desert PC celebrates Pearl Abyss’ South American publishing takeover with a laundry list of events


Regular players of Black Desert already know that the game loves to throw events with every update it makes, but this time around it might be going a tad overboard. In commemoration of Pearl Abyss taking over publishing rights for the South America region today, the game is offering up a whole host of events.

The highlight event is a four week-long span of Hot Time buffs running between now and Wednesday, July 20th. Like usual, these Hot Time buffs ramp up various XP earnings, but this time around the buffs increase every week, culminating in 1000% more combat XP, 300% skill XP, and 100% life skill XP and item drop rate during the final week. There’s also special login goodies to collect, a screenshot contest to earn Pearls, extra rewards for completing daily challenges over the next four weeks, and some free cosmetics being handed out.

This is all on top of the other events added with this patch: There’s some extra rewards available for completing challenges if you’re a new or returning player, a boss monster fight offering extra rewards, a number of contests to enter for physical and in-game items, and a variety of freebies being handed out for simply playing. On top of it all, the game itself is being sold at a 90% discount, meaning interested players can get the base game for a buck.

There’s a bit more to this week’s update than just events out the wazoo, of course, as the patch has made some class adjustments, improved the summoning method and loot dropped from using the Manshaum Narc’s Stone, reduced the inventory weight of a wide variety of items, and added the ability to craft purified lifestones via alchemy. BDO is also extending the current Drakania season to Wednesday, July 13th.

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