Pearl Abyss reclaims South American Black Desert publishing rights, touts 45M registered players


It’s been a bit of a pattern for Pearl Abyss: It launches Black Desert in a new region under a local publisher, and then, once the game is established, it takes over publishing itself. That’s what it did in South Korea, Japan, North America, and Europe, and it’s what it tried to do in Russia (although that was a bit of a botch job), and now, it’s doing it for South America as well.

“Pearl Abyss announced that the company will begin self-publishing Black Desert Online, the PC version of the game in South America beginning June 23, concluding the four-year publishing services provided by RedFox Games in the region,” today’s press release says.

“Starting today until the service takeover on June 23, adventurers can begin transferring their accounts from RedFox Games service to Pearl Abyss’ new service through the official South America Black Desert Online website. Players who transfer their accounts during this period will receive exclusive rewards, including a special title, a housing item specially designed for South American adventurers, a tier 4 pet, 1000 Cron Stones and more. […] The shift to Pearl Abyss’s new service will provide South American players with a premium gaming service, customer service and community management in supported languages.”

The studio says BDO now boasts 45M registered players across PC, mobile, and console.

Source: Press release, official site
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