Black Desert Mobile adds the Drakania class and offers a brief summary of the Heidel Ball


This past Saturday saw the Heidel Ball event for Black Desert Mobile, which provided a couple of reveals and a whole lot of gift codes and events.

A gallery of photos from the Ball shares a couple of content reveals such as a new elite guild rush boss fight known as Orghon and a Battle of the Sun PvP siege war that’s expected to launch in the second half of the year. The game is otherwise planning several events and handing out coupon codes for new and existing players, while questions for a later Q&A session are currently being gathered until tomorrow, July 7th. Meanwhile, the game’s latest update has introduced the Drakania class, opened up a new Field of Valor, and a host of other events celebrating the Drakania’s arrival to the mobile MMO.

In other Black Desert news, the PC version of the game has an update of its own that adds some more features to screenshot mode, increases the amount of items that can be posted for sale at the Central Market, tweaks the Adventurer’s Log, and applies yet another round of class adjustments.

sources: Black Desert Mobile site (1, 2, 3, 4), Black Desert PC site
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