Palia ushers in Alpha 2 with rain, more home customization, and community events


After a short run earlier this year, Palia’s alpha test has returned for a second tour around this cozy life sim MMO. Singularity 6 said that all previous alpha testers — and a batch of new recruits — will be invited into the month-long Alpha 2.

The studio revealed that it’s added “many new features” since Alpha 1, including an early look at the rain system, community events, and more colors and customization options for home furnishing. This is on top of all of the returning features like fishing, mining, gliding, and general adventuring.

“In addition to testing for bugs and feature feedback, this phase of playtesting also helps us practice running a live game, such as patch updates, player support, and how we run community events,” the studio said. “All of us here at Singularity 6 are looking for opportunities to exercise these muscles as often as possible, which means a smoother launch experience for everyone.”

Source: Palia
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