Chimeraland wants pictures of dragon horses and direct player feedback, adds paintings that lead to dungeons


In any other game that headline might seem a bit catawampus, but in the case of Chimeraland it’s just another regular week, as the game has kicked off events, added items, and is even looking to have devs directly ask questions of players.

We’ll start with that last part of the lede first: The developers are inviting players to fill out a survey for the opportunity to be selected for a one-on-one voice call with the devs to discuss concerns, provide feedback, and share any problems they’ve had in-game. There are some requirements players will need to meet like being level 45 at minimum, but the opportunity is there.

Meanwhile, the game itself has seen a couple of updates over this past week. including one patch that adds a number of paintings that players can hang on their house wall and interact with to enter unique dungeons, introduces horse dragons, and adds an Adventure Pass for August that will award – and we’re being very serious here – a mount that’s a giant lizard riding on a pastel-painted VW Beetle. As for more recent updates, the game received a hotfix to address a few specific issues.

On the subject of horse dragons (there’s a sentence), the game is running a miniature screenshot contest that asks players to share their dragon horses between now and August 4th for some free goodies.

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