Final Fantasy XI gives players another shot at earning the Shadowlord’s weapons

This may potentially be my final form.

Everyone remembers the Shadowlord in Final Fantasy XI, which is a bit odd when you consider that he was the big bad before the game started and turns out to not actually have been the bad guy even then. It’s complicated. Still, he was huge and he had some really cool swords, and that means players want to wield those really cool swords in battle. So good news: Starting on August 30th and running through September 30th, players will have another shot at wielding precisely those swords as cosmetic weapons.

How do you get these swords? You fight the Shadowlord, obviously. He’ll have a chance of dropping Nihility, Extinction, and Lament (his two one-handed swords and his two-handed sword, respectively) on any difficulty of battle, although higher difficulties carry with them a higher chance of a sword drop. If you’ve long wanted to be a little bit Shadowlord-esque, the time to farm him will be then. Make a day out of fighting the Shadowlord!

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