Fractured Veil adds new server-traversing travel system, new near-death mechanics


Kickstarted survival MMO Fractured Veil – not to be confused with Kickstarted sandbox MMO Fractured Online – has a big update on Steam to cap off August, and it’s the kind that ought to make backers particularly happy as it’ll expand and accommodate a larger tester base.

“We implemented our Veil travel system, so players will be able to use the technology that destroyed civilization soon,” Paddle Creek Games explains. “It will eventually allow players to travel to different servers to explore other versions of Maui with different biomes, creatures, buildings, or virtually anything else you can imagine.” Yes, Maui could be coated in desert or tundra landscapes – why not? “This is a huge step forward for getting the next wave of Kickstarter backers in the game.”

Meanwhile, the team has also retooled the game’s map, improved the UI, tweaked talent tree display, revamps bleed conditions and jumping, and altered the mechanics around near-death states.

“We changed what happens to players when they are also on the brink of death. Players on that familiar red-tinted screen now have a better chance of getting back up. If you receive a fatal hit that does not deal more than 25% of your total health, you will enter the ‘knocked-down’ state. Entering this state gives a small bonus to health and a 30-second window to be revived. Just enough time if you’re traveling with someone quick with a medkit.”

Source: Steam
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