RuneScape swings a banhammer at accounts caught exploiting its Fresh Start Worlds

New server types, same old problems


RuneScape’s Fresh Start Worlds are not looking so crispy and fresh out of the gate. First, Jagex had to rollback the servers due to a problem, and now it’s having to swing the banhammer at players who took advantage of an exploit in these worlds.

Specifics on how many were hit in the ban wave and what the exploit involved weren’t elaborated on in the Twitter thread, but Jagex did confirm that it cut off access to Fresh Start Worlds for offending accounts, removed wealth earned via the exploit from offending accounts, and also removed any earnings that recipients got from the abuse. “We sincerely hope you understand that this was done to preserve the integrity of the economy,” the thread concludes. “All of this is a part of our continued dedication to anti-cheat initiatives.”

According to one report on Reddit, the exploit in question appears to have let players transfer items from standard worlds to FSW worlds, creating a “metric crapton of skilling supplies” as a result. Don’t worry, though; those extra materials have all been washed away in a ban wave.

sources: Twitter, Reddit
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