Lord of the Rings Online’s Harvestmath has officially arrived for spooky season


One of the very best Halloween festivals in the MMO genre is live now, as Harvestmath has launched for Lord of the Rings Online and runs through the 2nd of November. Players are tasked with everything from drinking and horse-racing to the Haunted Burrow and playing tricks on NPCs throughout the world.

If you’re angling for a complete guide to everything, you’ll want to check out Fibro Jedi, who has detailed walkthroughs of each quest. This is the one I use myself when trying to decide which cosmetics to grind for, although the new offerings look pretty slim this year, being limited to a few furniture items, pets, and a war-steed cosmetic.

Meanwhile, yesterday Standing Stone announced that the Shadowfax progression server will see its level cap raised to 115 on November 2nd; players of the speedy server will finally have access to “Mordor, Northern Mirkwood, and Strongholds of the North content.”

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