City of Heroes Homecoming has unleashed i27p5’s massive balance and powers level update


It’s patch day for the Homecoming, the largest of the City of Heroes rogue servers. Issue 27, Page 5 is rolling out to the five live servers┬átoday. Here’s what players can expect:

  • The Sentinel archetype, which was created for Homecoming’s predecessor and uses blast skills backed up by melee defenses, has seen a broad revamp to improve damage and its inherents. The Seismic Blast and Stone Armor powersets have also been proliferated over to Sentinels.
  • If you’ve ever been annoyed at being forced to take the first power in your secondary powerset, welp, you won’t have to do that anymore, as Homecoming is changing level availability for quite a lot of powers, including making tier 2 powers available at character creation.
  • Remember back during live when supergroup bases were planned as PvP zones? This isn’t quite that, but now bases do have that functionality, complete with match types and tools to build your base up as a sweet map for competition.
  • The extremely sad Mastermind Mercenaries and Ninjas powersets have gotten a shower of love, as have the Necromancer and Robotics sets. Folks, it almost looks like taking attacks will be worth it. Huh.
  • Dominators are finally getting Illusion Control. (There’s probably like five people thrilled about this, but I’m one of them!)
  • We also spy buffs for Battle Axe, Fire Manipulation, Fiery Melee, Fiery Aura, and Force Fields (as well as nerfs for fire farmers).
  • Stealth powers are getting some nice changes that allow some of their perks (but not all) to stack.
  • Even more weapons have been added to the holster system, and there are more costume rewards added to the Aether Prestige system, plus the team has added new emotes, bug fixes, and the seasonal map system for fall and winter.

Have fun, folks!

Source: Homecoming. Cheers, Astralock!
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