The Division 2 applies a long list of fixes for gear, weapons, and gameplay


The word of the day for the new patch applied to The Division 2 is “fixed.” You’ll be seeing that word a lot in the patch notes for the latest update as Ubisoft clears up various gear, weapon, and gameplay problems.

Some of the fixes in question are pretty minor, addressing issues like clipping issues with a certain mask, a map icon not showing correctly, and dye channel problems with the Umbra Initiative gear set. Other fixes have a bit more oomph, including resetting random rerolls on chest piece second attributes, making sure an exotic pistol’s talent applies to skills, ensuring exotic components drop from control point caches, and improving game stability among others.

As for new content, the only thing that’s really of note is the start of an SHD Paragon apparel event. Otherwise, a lot of things have been “fixed.”

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