ARK: Survival Evolved is running its Halloween event through November 2

Shouldn't these be dinosaurs?

If you’re playing ARK: Survival Evolved through the next couple of weeks, you will still be advised to open the door and get on the floor, but you will instead be dancing the spooky dinosaur through November 2nd. The Fear Evolved event has returned once more, bringing with it a variety of creepy encounters for players to make it through. Sure, the DodoRex is a boss encounter you cannot tame, but there are also zombie versions of fire, ice, and lightning wyverns you can tame and keep around even after the event ends. Spooky!

Players will also find several new thematically suitable chibis for taking part in this year’s events, along with regular skins, ghost skins, new creature colors, items to be used elsewhere… you know, all sorts of good stuff. And if you’re a joyless crank who hates the idea of having a whole holiday-themed thing going on with your otherwise very serious wyverns, you can still enjoy increased experience gains over the course of the event. Just be sure to get all of your stuff in by November 2nd!

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