SMITE’s Reaping Halloween event and Polynesian folk hero Maui are live in latest update


It’s a bit of sunshine and a bit of darkness in the newest update for SMITE thanks to the start of the game’s Halloween-themed Reaping event and the addition of the mythical Polynesian folk hero Maui.

Maui is listed in the roster as a melee guardian character, with a magical fish hook that allows him to draw a foe in close if he hooks them, swing a ray of sunlight as a weapon, or pull up an island from the ground to draw in foes and block character movement.

Other features of the new patch include the return of the Reaping event with plenty of thematic skins for players to get when they have gathered (or bought) enough pumpkins, the continuation of the MOBA’s Soaring Isles Odyssey, and balance passes made to several gods and the conquest map.

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