EverQuest II: Renewal of Ro launches today


Squeaking in under the wire to make a November launch, EverQuest II’s latest expansion, Renewal of Ro, launches later today.

Players find themselves returning to the Isle of Ro: “Here, with the help of a local tribe of Hizite nomads, they will make their way across the unforgiving Rajā€™Dur Plateaus, to explore what is left of the Elddar Empire’s cursed city, the long Buried Takish’Hiz, before finding themselves within the renewed Takish Badlands, as they are led into the treacherous Sandstone Delta by the machinations of a notorious foe.”

The expansion includes five new ascension levels, more spells, epic spell quests (one per class), and a ton of quests and instances of all sizes, shapes, and challenge levels. Renewal of Ro is priced from $35 (for a standard edition) up to $250 (for family and friends edition).

Source: EverQuest II
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