Hearthstone: March of the Lich King arrives today with the Death Knight and 145 new cards


You can’t keep a powerful lich king down! We mean that literally: You bury one, and it’ll pop back up in the morning with frost on its breath and a hankering for buttermilk pancakes. So let’s not act too surprised to see the iconic Warcraft character return for today’s March of the Lich King set expansion in Hearthstone.

“The new expansion includes 145 all-new cards, featuring the new Death Knight class, dual-type and Undead minions, the new Manathirst keyword, and more,” said Blizzard.

There’s a prologue questline and a launch event that starts today, followed by a special tavern brawl on the morrow. The expansion also means a new reward track for both free and premium players. On top of that, the card game is selling a special tavern pass that confers a 10% XP boost for the entire run of the set.

As usual, Blizzard is selling big, fat bundles of card packs for big, fat stacks of cash.

Source: Hearthstone
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